Janet Jackson show security and suggestions


TOLEDO, OH – Janet Jackson to perform at The Huntington Center at 8:00m this Saturday night.

Patrons are encouraged to arrive early to guarantee the full hit after hit experience in its entirety. Doors open at 7:00pm. Janet Jackson will hit the stage at 8:00pm. Please allow plenty of time to park, walk to the arena, and go through the metal search process upon entry.

For your convenience we would like to remind you that security procedures are in place. Please do not bring a purse larger than 6.5"x4.5"x6”. Remove cell phones and place in trays. Keys and change may stay in pockets. The less you bring the easier it will be to pass the security checkpoint.

The following items are restricted from entering the building.
Food or beverage including Cans, bottles, coolers or other similar containers
Video cameras, audio recorders or other similar electronic devices including Professional Cameras or any camera with detachable, long or extending lenses
Laser pens or laser products
Air horns or noise makers
Weapons of any kind
Cigerettes or eCigarettes (Huntington Center does NOT have smoking area's inside or outside of the venue)
Laser Pointers
Glow Sticks
Compressed Air horns
Aerosol spray cans
Tools (wrenches / pliers)
Pets (except service animals)
Chairs of Any Kind

The Huntington Center enforces a no-re-entry policy.

Helpful Hints: The least crowded entrances of the Huntington Center are located on the Madison Avenue side and via the bridge that connects to the Seagate Convention center garage. Using one of these entrances could help you enter the venue quicker.