Marketing & Sponsorships


  • Develop a comprehensive marketing campaign utilizing local TV, radio and print
  • Allow the client to have 100% input into the campaign
  • Manage media placement for events
  • Organize current media rate card information for Toledo and surrounding areas
  • Compile complete demographic information on Northwest Ohio
  • Include website, indoor message center and monthly mailer advertising at no additional charge
  • Complete event recap and marketing settlement
  • Provide prospective client list for possible additional event sponsorships
  • Oversee event marketing budget
  • Offer group discounts to clubs, schools, businesses and various other groups
  • Arrange pre-show dinners, parties, meet and greets and private clinics

We can also assist events by designing strategies to drive ticket sales through the Huntington Center. We can do so by incorporating various components such as, sweepstakes, premiums, point-of-purchase sales displays and incentive programs.

Media Relations

  • Provide a complete list of all media outlets throughout Northwest Ohio
  • Create press releases and media advisories
  • Offer fax, mail or e-mail capabilities
  • Develop personalized follow-up phone campaigns