Stagehand Labor Information

I.A.T.S.E. Local 24
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General Conditions

1. A minimum of four (4) department heads will be required on every call consisting of Carpenter, Electrician, Sound, Props, Projectionist, Wardrobe and the required four (4) departments shall be event specific. Department heads will be required on calls when requested by the show consisting of Video, Pyro, Projectionist, Wardrobe, or Hair and Makeup. All persons working a “load in” or a “load out” shall be paid a four (4) hour minimum with any hour or fraction thereof after the four (4) hour minimum being paid in one (1) hour increments. The “load in” and “load out” shall have a four (4) hour minimum applying to each. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Management will not be required to use more Departments than are actually needed on any labor call.

A. On the move-in after the minimum call period has elapsed, the employer may reduce the number of employees. However, in no event shall the number of employees remaining be less than that in which is required for the performance minus the spotlight operators, nor shall the number of employees be less than required to complete the work safely.

B. In regards to nonfamily show productions on the take-out crew, the entire crew shall ordinarily be released upon completion of the loading of all show equipment and the House has been restored.

C. In regards to family show productions, the load-out crew may be released on a departmental basis upon completion of all work within such department.

2. All work performed in excess of eight (8) hours within a twenty-four (24) hour period, excluding time worked for a “performance” at the “performance rate,” shall be paid at one and one-half (1 1⁄2) times the hourly rate. All work preformed between 12:00A.M. and 8:00 A.M., with the exception of family shows, will be paid at one and one-half (1 1⁄2) the standard rate. All employees not receiving eight (8) hours turn around time for the start of the next day will be paid at one and one half (1 1⁄2) times the rate of pay up to (8) hours, after which time they will be paid at two (2) times the hourly rate through the remainder of the day.

3. All employees shall be given an unpaid one (1) hour meal break every five (5) hours. A thirty (30) minute meal period shall be allowed, provided the Employer furnishes a meal of high quality sandwiches with beverage and all persons suffer no loss of time. If any meal period is not provided, then each person shall be paid at two (2) times the prevailing rate until a meal period is given. Excluded specifically from this section are all hours worked from the time of a scheduled show call through the conclusion of the show call, and such hours shall not be subject to a meal penalty. Any employee who is receiving the applicable premium rate of pay due to a missed meal period at the time a show call begins, however, will continue at the applicable premium rate until such time a meal period is provided.

4. There shall be no duplication or pyramiding of overtime or other premium pay.

5. Employees shall be paid at the prevailing hourly rate for any fraction of an hour worked in excess of six (6) minutes.

6. With the exception of someone who is called in to replace a person that failed to report for work, any person that is more than ten (10) minutes late for a call shall forfeit their right to the four (4) hour minimum and shall only be paid for their actual time worked figured to the nearest one-quarter (1/4) hour.

7. Any person who is taken off a call and sent home as the result of a disciplinary action taken by Management, or who voluntarily walks off a call without the consent of Management, shall forfeit their right to the four (4) hour minimum and shall only be paid for their actual time worked figured to the nearest one-quarter (1/4) hour.

8. Holidays recognized in the Agreement will be New Year’s Eve (After 5:00pm), New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, Easter Sunday, Labor Day, Memorial Day, and the 4th of July. Should an overtime or penalty situation be incurred, one and one-half (1 1⁄2) time shall be paid double-time with double- time being paid as double and one-half (2 1⁄2) time. The Holiday Eve’s pay schedule will start after 1:00 PM at holiday rate. Employees who do not work on a holiday receive no pay for the holiday.

9. Minimum of Four (4) department heads shall remain on the call if any work is being done, or if there is any type of activity on the stage. Three of four department heads may be released from rehearsal calls if no equipment or employees performing department work are being used.

10. All persons working a “performance” shall report thirty (30) minutes before the advertised curtain time to fully set and work the “performance” for the “performance rate” outlined in this Agreement, provided the “performance” does not exceed the three (3) hours past such curtain time. Should any “performance” exceed three (3) hours, the additional time worked shall be paid at one and one half times one-third (1/3) of the applicable performance rate for any additional hour or fraction thereof in excess of six (6) minutes. A “rehearsal” shall be considered a “performance.”

11. Riggers will be required to perform only the “rigging” duties. Riggers will be responsible for the complete set up of all rigging apparatus for safety issues. Rigging work shall be defined as the attachment or hanging of equipment, signs, drapery, masking, etc. to or from the structure of the Arena, which requires the use of special skills and equipment. Such work shall be paid at the “rigging rate” and shall require a minimum of at least three (3) riggers, two (2) up-riggers and one (1) down-rigger, with each rigger being guaranteed a four (4) hour minimum on the “load in” and minimum of four (4) hours on the “load out.”

12. Trucks over twenty (20) feet shall require a minimum of four (4) loaders. Busses or small trailers [twenty (20) feet or less] shall require a minimum or two (2) loaders, provided that nothing is stacked and everything rolls off. The duties of a “truck loader” shall be strictly limited to loading or unloading the trucks. Any reload- ing of trucks with empties during the show run will be charged the same as a usual “load in” and “load out” at the applicable hourly rate.

13. A Non Working Union steward shall be required on all calls having sixteen (16) people or more. The duties of a Non Working Steward shall consist of segregating the work force, manage the daily work schedule for employees, and complete billing in a timely fashion for the event. The Steward shall remain on the call from beginning to end.

14. Fifteen (15 %) percent above applicable rates will be charged for any portion of a performance or rehearsal recorded in any professional manner for broadcast or sale to the general public in any form.

15. Performance calls where no Load in or Load out occurs for anyone will be billed as a four (4) hour mini- mum at applicable hourly rates.